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President/Co Owner - SYL Japan, Co., Ltd.

Kenta is based in Tokyo where he heads up Super Yacht Logistics Co., Ltd., parent company of SYL Japan and concerned with yacht sales and dealing with private clients throughout Asia.

Kenta has wide experience both in the corporate world and the private and commercial maritime industry.

He is a keen and proficient sailor, competing regularly in fleet and match racing events onboard some of the world’s most prestigious Maxi Sailboats.

Kenta can be reached at:

Senior Coordinator/Co Owner - SYL Japan Co., Ltd

New Zealander Carol can be found in Cairns, Australia, where she is the President of SYL Australia.

Carol works with visiting yachts as shore agent and assists Australian clients that wish to buy or build yachts.

Carol was previously with SYL in Japan for six years, where she was CEO for SYL’s shore agent activities, and is still overall operations coordinator there. Carol speaks fluent Japanese, English and Australian, as well as her native Kiwi dialect.

Carol can be reached at:

Senior Shore Agent/Co Owner - SYL Japan, Co., Ltd.

Risa Toyoda was appointed President of SYL Japan, Co., Ltd. in 2013, and she co-ordinates all Japanese domestic operations of SYL, including client representation, shore side agents and Japanese yacht crew.

She is a professional yacht Stewardess who has worked on large western yachts in the Mediterranean, USA and Caribbean. She also has a wealth of experience on large sailing yachts and large yacht sail racing.

Risa is STCW 95 certified and often joins visiting yachts to assist them in their Japan cruising. She is fluent in English and her native Japanese

Risa can be reached at:

Director – SYL Japan Co., Ltd.

Hiroshi is the Director of SYL in East Japan, although he is an expert in the rules and regulations concerning marine traffic throughout Japanese waters, including customs, immigration, port control, coastguard, quarantine, etc. He is a committee member of the JSYA – Japan Super Yacht Association.

Hiroshi is fluent in English and his native Japanese.

Hiroshi can be reached at:


Director/Shore Agent – SYL Japan Co., Ltd.

Hiroshi is the “go to” guy in the Kansai region of Japan. He knows how to get almost everything and anything done, and he will work for bananas only! He also doubles as SYL’s social director, a position in which he excels!

Hiroshi speaks intermediate English as well has his native Japanese.

Hiroshi can be reached at:

West Japan Consultant – SYL Japan Co., Ltd.

Yukio is the Director of SYL in West Japan. Yukio is generally concerned with client representation for new yacht builds and purchases of yachts. He is a committee member of the JSYA – Japan Super Yacht Association.

Yukio is a fluent English speaker (although his native Japanese needs some work!)

Yukio can be reached at:

Translator Interpreter/ Yacht Crew – SYL Japan Co., Ltd.

Emi is a professional yacht Stewardess who first worked on Japanese based yachts. In 2012 SYL brought Emi over to Ft. Lauderdale, Florida to increase her English language skills and complete her STCW 95 safety training, stewardess and deck courses.

Emi has been cruising the world for the last few years, crewing on large yachts namely Le Grande Blue, Shenandoah and Battleship. Drawing on her large amount of experience, she is now back in Japan she is working with SYL again as a shore agent and onboard agent as yachts cruise Japan.

Emi is now fluent in English and her native Japanese.

Emi can be reached at:

Tokyo/Yokohama – Shore Agent

Last year “Masa” was nicknamed “Super Masa” by the crew of a 55 meter mega yacht, simply because it seemed that there was nothing he could not achieve, no matter how bizarre the request. However now he wants to wear a mask, cape and tights, so things are getting a little weird!

Masa speaks fluent English as well as his native Japanese

Masa can be reached at:

Yokohama – Captain

“Ao-san” holds a Japan masters license and regularly cruises Japans waters on large domestic yachts. He is one of the most knowledgeable Captains in all Japan.

His English is terrible, but what he lacks in language skill he makes up in his local maritime experience in Japan.

“Ao-san” can be reached at

Hiroshima – Shore Agent

Fujii san lives in the awesome city of Hiroshima and has a wealth of experience in this area and the whole of the beautiful Seto Naikai (Inland Sea) of Japan. As well as an excellent understanding of yachts, Fujii san also runs a tour company in Hiroshima and can organize excursions & tour guides for guests and crew in West Japan; and especially he is able to organize more prestigious “executive excursions” which are unobtainable by the general public, throughout Japan.

Fujii san speaks good English as well as his native Japanese

Fujii can be reached at

Kagoshima – Shore Agent/Satellite TV tech

Englishman Jules has worked with us for many years while he lived in Tokyo, sorting out satellite TV issues, so that mega yachts can pick up the Japanese satellites on their existing systems. Now he has moved to the beautiful city of Kagoshima in Southern Kyushu, where he can assist with all shore services needed by visiting yachts.

Jules speaks Japanese and English.

Jules can be reached at